Joining the Crowborough Probus Club

A relatively simply process!
If you would like to join our happy Club, please click on this link or send us an email to If you know someone who is already a Club member, please tell us his name and tell us if you would like him to be your Sponsor.
A relatively simply process!
Our Membership Secretary will then contact you and invite you to our next Monthly Lunch. These are held at Crowborough Rugby Club on the second Thursday of every month.
Either the membership Secretary or your sponsor will meet you, introduce you to other members, and sit with you during the Lunch.
If you like us – and we hope you will – you would come again to two more Lunches, and then the Club Committee would be asked to approve your membership.
That’s all there is to it!
Membership would commence from the following Lunch where you would be introduced to members by our President.
That’s all there is to it!

Questions about the Crowborough Probus Club

How Many in the Club?

In total over 150 people are in regular contact with the Club. These are the members, associate members, members’ spouses and partners, widows and partners of past members, friends and senior life members. 

Dress Code

Members wear a jacket and tie for the Monthly Lunches, our Christmas Lunch and the President’s Lunch. Otherwise it is normally smart casual relaxed for all the other events.


Communication between the member and the Club is by email but can be by post if the member specifically requests it. The email address of should be used for any membership queries.